first guitar album

Finally, Le chat au café’s first guitar album is here! It’s something new, while at the same time being my own ‘get back’ album, since many of these songs are extremely rough. I would describe this album best as ‘ugly but honest’ and I’m extremely happy with how it turned out. Thank you for listening!

드디어 르샤오카페 첫 기타 앨범이 놔왔습니다! 새로운 것인데 옛날 처럼 작곡했습니다. 노래들이 ‘못생긴’ 것 같지만 솔직합니다. 저는 완료 잘 해서 마족합니다.

Download it here.

1 Kill ‘Em w/ Kindness

2 I’m Still a Crybaby

3 Gone Fishin’

4 Wendy & Lucy

5 New Daily Persistent Headache

6 Uncomfortable Feeling

7 Nobody Likes Me (And I Know Why)

8 Dead Dog

9 33

10 Standing on an Escalator

11 I’m Thinking

12 Cryptid

13 I Know I Know I Know

14 Won’t You Be My Friend?

15 I Had a Question

16 I’m Not as Nice as People Think I Am

17 Saturday Night Rockin’ and Romance

18 Thanks brother let it be done good night