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first guitar album

Finally, Le chat au café’s first guitar album is here! It’s something new, while at the same time being my own ‘get back’ album, since many of these songs are extremely rough. I would describe this album best as ‘ugly but honest’ and I’m extremely happy with how it turned out. Thank you for listening! […]

played a show

Played Buskers at Phillies open mic last weekend! It’s great to have an organization that supports the local music community, and there are a variety of performers. Major appreciation for Steve, the organizer of the event, and looking forward to playing again next time! 저번 주 한 오픈 마이크 공연 영상입니다. 지역 뮤지션 커뮤니티를 지원하는 […]

nouvel album

Mon nouvel album de guitare est sortie! Je continue à apprendre la guitare, et cette fois-ci, je voulais faire de la musique avec le goût un peu country, un peu chill, et voilà, “Bienvenue chez Lechat”! Pour cet album, j’ai pensé aux deux ans quand j’ai été en France – un fois à Orléans pour […]

Sufjan Stevens cover album

Sufjan Stevens’ electronic album Age of Adz came out 13 years ago. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time and consistently a source of inspiration for me, as it sounds radically different from what he was known for. It’s phenomenal, particularly the last song, the 20-minute Impossible Soul. The album ended up being […]

show announcement

Today, Sat. 9/30, I’ll be performing at Phillies HBC in Haebangchon, Seoul. There will be many other performers, and it starts at 7pm until 10pm. Come and see your friendly neighborhood Lechat! 오늘 토요일 9월30일에 저녁 7시-10시 해방촌 오픈 마이크 한다! Phillies HBC에서 만나자!

new mini album & live video

Over the summer, I’ve been meeting up with my jam club regularly, but there’s only so much heat one can take, and I ended up one meeting being the only one showing up. I took the opportunity to record a little impromptu live concert of songs near and dear to my heart! 올 여름에 음악잼클럽을 […]

A nasal American with a guitar recording in the living room

Another collection of songs recorded live à la maison! There are some classics on guitar ukulele covers this time! I feel like the space I’m playing in transforms the songs subtly. 또 집에서 라이브로 연주했어요. 기타로 치는 르샤오케페의 유명한 곡을 하고 우쿨렐레로 커버쏭도 했어요. 노래 느낌은 곳의 분위기 따라 바꿀 것 같아요.

new electronic album

I released a sci-fi concept album last week with a couple of Fizualizer videos for fun. It’s eponymously called E.T., but I really wanted to make something inspired by ELO’s album Time. And it’s a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy. You can download it here or find it on Bandcamp and streaming services. Album […]

new mini album

While learning how to play guitar, I figured I would take you along with me. Let’s figure it out together with the How To Play Guitar EP! It’s free to download here! I made a little visual for each song, linked below. 기타를 배우면서 그런 콘셉트가 담은 미니 앨범 하고 싶어서 ‘How To Play Guitar […]

A nasal American with a guitar recording in the kitchen

A collection of songs recorded live à la maison! There are some classics finding new life through guitar, never-before-played hits on ukulele, and even my first-ever autoharp recording! More home concerts are expected in the future. 집에서 라이브로 연주한 노래 컬렉션이다. 기타로 치는 르샤오케페의 유명한 곡을 있고 라이브 데뷰한 우쿨렐레 곡도 있고 오토하프로 연주한 노래 […]